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SCAMS and THEFTS ALERT: SCAMS really upset me - I hate being scammed and scammers are getting better and better at their job. This one didn't cost me any real money, but it cost me more than three days work on my computer. Read the details below … Continue reading
BOOKS: Missing ( A Private Novel ) - A TV detective show without the insufferable commercials. Missing, c0-written by James Patterson and Kathryn Fox, is an entertaining bit of fluff. Easy reading, entertaining as a TV show and forgettable after the last page has been turned. … Continue reading
RICHARD writes...: Wynne ain’t done yet - Don't count her out, just yet, Patrick ! Kathleen Wynne and her campaign execs are not smelling the whiff of defeat just yet. Patrick Brown better put on his best running wear because... Kathleen Wynne isn't ready to … Continue reading
RICHARD writes...: I hate to say it, but I told you so: Patrick Brown may be a dud as a party leader - It's been said here before, and it bears repetition, but this man will not lead the PC party to victory. The party blew it when they passed on Christine Elliot. Now their poll support is melting away faster … Continue reading
BOOK CLUB Petticoat Creek: Launch of Petticoat Creek Book Club newsletter - Have you ever selected a book from a bestseller list, only to be disappointed, wondering how it ever made it to the list? There is a better way to find books that are likely to be enjoyable reads. Confer with … Continue reading
READS & REVIEWS: The puzzle: how did humanity jump from primitive primates to highly intelligent beings - Move over Dan Brown, another author is pushing you on the stage. James Rollin’s Bone Labyrinth is a Da Vinci Code wannabe…and nearly succeeds. Historical fiction is fun stuff. Bone Labyrinth A war is coming, a battle that … Continue reading
POSITIVE THINKING: 21 Rules For Good Aging - [Worth repeating: originally posted June, 2016 ] Some of us have reached our golden years, and some of us have not. But these suggestions should be read by everyone. Collected and tested by many seniors, many of these … Continue reading
BOOKS: Fallis writes another enjoyable read - Books are piling up on the staircase like on a shelf at the local library. I read and read and as soon as finish one, there's another waiting to be read. Now, if I only could learn to … Continue reading
RICHARD writes...: Fake news - In this age of fake news, truthful hyperbole, and outright lying in the news, it is important to examine the news with a sceptical eye, a questioning perspective, a grain of salt. The provincial Liberals have offered a site which supposedly corrects, … Continue reading
BOOKS: WOOL - Bestseller lists should be taken with a grain of salt. Being listed on a bestseller list is no guarantee that the book is a good read. It simply means that according to that list, the book has been … Continue reading
DISCUSSIONS: The ‘Turnip’ saga in the USA is slowly coming to a climax - The climax to the presdidential soap opera in Washington is nearing detonation. Trump is taking a vacation but the unfolding drama of his presidency will not. Toronto Star columnist, Tony Burman, draws some very plausible possibilities as to how … Continue reading
bruno mug BRUNO's desk...: Summer never was this year - It's a lament. Bruno might be feeling as many others do, "It was a summer that never was." But Bruno is going to make the most of a possible recovery by grabbing his riding partner, hopping aboard and … Continue reading