MISC: Now even a “Take out” restaurant, no less!

Wow…now I’ve seen it all !

“Timmy’s to go !”

Drove by a Timmy’s the other day, lookin’ for a coffee to go. Instead I found a “restaurant to go!”


Thanks, I’ll take that “to go!”


Make it BLACK, I’m in a hurry !


In a paper cup please !


Tables too !


Not very crowded today, huh?


Make it a DOUBLE, DOUBLE, please.


Got my mitts on, got my cuppa in hand…ready, set, go !!

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VIVA: A great home for retirees


Harvey and Rita meet with Rita’s mom, 100 year old Emily ! Bravo Emily !!!

Misconceptions galore, blasted away !

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring the VIVA RESIDENCES for seniors in central Pickering. I was looking for room facility for a number of seniors clubs for which I am coordinator. I went into VIVA with some preconceived stereotypical views of seniors.

My eyes were really opened !

Jen Churchill and Marteen Valleau, the VIVA community relations executives took me on a verbal and physical tour of the residence opening my eyes to the real world of seniors and the way they live at VIVA.

Misconception #1: Old and hardly moving
The residents are frail, slow moving old people who go no where and are hardly mobile.

Pshah !!! These seniors are robust, dynamic and energetic people who are actively involved in a tremendous number of activities in the residents and in the city itself. They go out for walks, jogs at a leisurely pace, and drive themselves to various places. I saw one resident carting in grocery shopping bags into the elevator. These are independent folks.

Misconception #2: Sedate, quiet living
The activities organized for the members are sedate, quiet ones as the residents lack the energy and well being for ones which demand more from them physically. Hogwash! These people have activities many younger people might be hard pressed into doing. Painting, cooking classes, pub nights and gardening too. No grass grows under their feet.

Misconception #3: Shhh, we want peace and quiet!
The resident is a quiet home for elderly folks who want it to remain so as these people don’t socialize much, nor want to. Baloney!!!  They have a pub, with active participants coming in for a tibble in the evenings. The residents have a beautiful 50 seat theatre with a state of the art projection audio/visual system. A podium suggests that the room is used for guest speakers also.

I was surprised and overwhelmed with what I saw at VIVA. Frankly, if I were at that stage in my life and in the situation where I needed a retirement home, VIVA is one place I would give very careful consideration.

From what I saw, this is a lively, dynamic place to live. I have a sense, that if you want quiet at VIVA, you find it behind the door of your own private apartment. Otherwise, be prepared to meet with people who are active, energetic and socializers, people who want to know how you’re doing, what your doing and when…and not out of being nosey but because they don’t want to miss out on something themselves.

VIVA, a great place to live for retirees and a place that shattered all my conceptions and views about retirement home living !

You just have to see some of things they have going on at Viva:



Visitors chat with a resident at the Food Fest 2015


Rita and Harvey meet with Mom, Emily…100 years old !!!


Resident Marie exclaimed, “This is really watermelon with herbs…Noooo !”


Really, they do watch their calories normally…but not at the Food Fest !

lisa and cindy

Lisa and Cindy enjoy a pause in the foodee charges !!


Everybody’s gotta take a break sometime.


Resident Leo says, “I think I have satisfied every sweet tooth I have.”


“Now just tell me this, which ones are sugar free !!”




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BILLIARDS: Club looks for a convenient meeting date for future games

Billiards (pool) is a social game. Our Friday group that met at Petrina’s  confirmed that the atmosphere was challenging, in that Dolores and Nancy kept Richard and Don civil and honest. Mixed company in a once male dominated skill of billiards added class and those around us were envious at the display of camaraderie and the fun of just having a good time.
It would be great if we could meet weekly. However, not all have the same open dates to gather at the same time and place.
I have two days next week, Monday Sept. 22 or Friday  Sept. 26, at 11AM  that may fit your schedule.  Eventually we may find a week day that is convenient to all and easy to plan for. Meeting once a month may also be a consideration over the winter months.  Let me know your pleasure by sending me an email to noldus@rogers.com

Never underestimated the power of a woman!



Dolores Forster and Nancy Colbourne measured up with billiard skills which were beyond expectation. Within just a couple of games, both players demonstrated that they were quick learners and able to polish newly learned skills very quickly.

They put a new twist on the billiard competition and now Don and Richard are very aware that these two female players can challenge the best of them!

Well done ladies !


Don bides his time while Nancy pockets ball after ball after ball!


“That’s game Don,” Dolores declares AGAIN !


Dolores demonstrates a relaxed but successful style !


Don looks like a confident player, but ask him how many losses he had !!

Again, Convenor Don Voorhees’ arrangements made for a very enjoyable couple of hours of play at Petrina’s Taps and Billiards in Ajax. Newly joined members Nancy Colbourne and Dolores Forster found the atmosphere relaxing and great for kibbitzing and socializing, along with some pool thrown in also.

Don was nicely surprised to learn that the ladies are avid golfers also and in no time he was busy arranging golf dates in the near future. Dolores cautioned that she preferred late morning tee offs as she does not like to rush out the door to golf at too early an hour. Don paid attention.

As at the launch meeting of the Billiard Club, it was another enjoyable get together.

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NEWS FOR SENIORS: Seasonal gifting organized early

Are you one of those who rests easier when you have your Christmas shopping done early?


Then take advantage of this fundraiser event that is made for early shoppers like you!

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