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BOOKS: The Fix -   The Fix David Baldacci Synopsis Amos Decker witnesses a murder just outside FBI headquarters. A man shoots a woman execution-style on a crowded sidewalk, then turns the gun on himself. Even with Decker's extraordinary powers of observation … Read More
SENIOR moments: Travel the wild west, drive in the USA - Vacationing in the USA, prepare yourself. Americans are very pro active gun users. Think this is an exaggeration, take a look at this 64- year-old Florida senior shooting out the tires on AT&T service trucks. Gun use in … Read More
TRIPS, TIPS & TOURS: Fill ‘er up problems because you have no ZIP CODE - Vacationing in the USA by car? Don't be stumped when refueling requres a ZIP CODE. You live in Canada and POSTAL CODES do not work with these gas pumps. But there is an easy "work around" for the credit … Read More
EVENTS & NEWS: Big surprise coming for ADULTS 55+ - We've got a nice surprising coming for you. Mark the big day on your calendar: September 27    All these people have been working for nearly two years to prepare for the big surprise event for the ADULTS … Read More
BOOKS: Everything I Never Told You - Bestseller lists are so misleading. There's a much better way to find books worth reading. Learn how to find worthwhile 'reads' by avoiding bestseller lists.   The book synopsis: Lydia is dead. But they don’t know this yet … Read More
BRUNO's desk...: It’s summer ! - Work just never seems to stop, spring, summer, all seasons. But at least in the summer, it's wonderful working outside in the sunshine...though this summer's sunshine has been kind of questionable.   So far, this summer the clouds … Read More
ERMA's desk...: Shout Out To Our Canada - Happy Birthday Canada...you're the best! Erma welcomes everyone to the birthday party! Join her !   One hundred and fifty years young, this land of diversity is recognizable by its red and white flag of distinction. One of … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: Christie Blatchford confirms our view that society suffers a malaise in criticizing ceaselessly - A topic discussed in the June 30 Better Living discussions was that society was suffering some sort of malaise which made it critical of almost anything and everything. The discussion group comprised of seniors, mostly all beyond regular retirement age, … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 3-(June 30) Society suffering malady known as “continuum criticismum” and it’s bad - "Complain, criticize and oppose" seem to be the modus operandi of our society today. Is this a symptom of a deeper malaise affecting our society? Have you noticed that no matter who proclaims whatever in the media, on … Read More
EVENTS & NEWS: Print media in more and more trouble - The demise of print media takes another hit. We use print sources regularly and the impact on our budget increases significantly and relentlessly. The National Post notified subscribers of another nail in the print media coffin... The National … Read More
NEWS: Andrea, where are you? - Horwath's lookin' good but where is she? We were hard pressed to find something in the news from the Ontario NDP. A search resulted in old news about Howarth's new pharma policies. But as for something current...   … Read More
NEWS: Wynne some, lose some….Come again ! Ontario government loans to gamblers - Peanuts ! Peanuts!Wynne's always ready to lend a helping hand but this may border on the ridiculous. Oh well, it's only $10 million...     Explain this to me again, please. I just read that the Ontario government has … Read More