BOOK CLUB: An avid reader?? What and who are you reading now ?

2016-12-04_12h58_52 Are you an avid reader? Aged 55+?

Consider yourself fairly literate? Be greatful
that you learned how to read and still do so.

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EDITORIAL: Your HYDRO BILL….outrageous sticker SHOCK ?

2016-12-04_08h40_22Shocked by your hydro cost?

How have you been affected by the increased rates charged by Ontario Hydro?

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EDITORIAL: Cookies to make Christmas more memorable !

2016-11-29_13h53_26 It’s the time of year to remember
those who are too easily forgotten…                                        _______2016-11-29_14h21_22

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EVENTS Pickering: Olympic calibre brain exercises !

2016-08-24_09h33_22 Brain fit exercises…

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BOOK NEWS: Donations to help Pickering women’s shelters


Help Pickering women in need…
donate to the book shop.

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NEWS: Oldest person in the world

2016-11-29_19h29_55The oldest person in the world:

a woman and Italian.

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BRUNO's desk...: Christmas dreamin’


Bruno’s ramblings…

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MONEY: Financial OMBUDSMAN service from Zoomer

2016-11-28_15h20_38Financial dispute? Money mix up? Monetary mess up?

You may want to try this service.

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LIBRARY Pickering: Community Report

2016-11-19_11h51_12Pickering Library
Community Report

Click HERE

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EDITORIAL: Important public meeting

2016-11-29_14h25_23Information meeting
RE: License renewal,
___Pickering Nuclear Plant

Pickering City Hall
7 pm, Dec. 12, 2017

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2016-11-28_09h39_01Support local ARTS & CULTURE

and enjoy some great entertainment.

February 25, 26, 27, 2017

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EDITORIAL: Optimism and acting positively are great New Year’s resolutions !


Optimism and acting positively !

What will you do next year ?

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COOKING & KITCHEN RELATED SITES: A super salsa to add to your pantry !

2016-11-26_19h26_55 Now here’s a food item you really
should add to your pantry!

Natural ingredients, and
A Canadian food produced locally in Durham !

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SENIORS: CHFI radio star’s light dims

2016-11-26_11h41_43 The STAR may dim 
but it will twinkle brightly further west!

CHFI loses a star !

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EDITORIAL: Rosie Dimanno…one outstanding columnist

2016-11-25_10h38_10 Political correctness: final destination?

University partiers’ cultural costumes viewed as politically incorrect. Next Halloween dress your kids appropriately or face arrest?

Where do we stop?

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