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“Cooks, Books, and Nooks” launched in 2011, is dedicated to assisting older adults with news and information about a variety of issues from finance to health. The non-monetized site encourages seniors to explore and use the Internet as well as other sources to enhance and enrich their lives. ___[ More . . . ]

My 12 latest posts:

MONEY: Picking a financial advisor - Choosing a financial advisor is very serious business. You want an advisor who plans for your future. One who is looking to line your pockets as well as their own. Your best interests should rank very highly on his/her list … Continue reading
BROWN ARCHIVES: Patrick Brown…where are you ? -  Just wondering...you would think that sending an email to an Ontario MPP via their own recommended email address would get a reply of some sort, the very least, that the email was received. I sent an email to … Continue reading
MONEY: FEDERAL BUDGET: summary, commentary, winners and losers - Here is your FEDERAL BUDGET PRIMER. A succinct summary of the new federal budget with a conclusion of who are its winners and losers. The highlights of the 2017 federal budget Abolished: No more Canada Savings Bonds. Artificial Intelligence: $125 … Continue reading
ERMA's desk...: Erma’s bio - We welcome Erma Washington as a unique addition to our site writers. Erma is an inspiring professional working with families in community and social services where she counsels and links clients to community support services to assist individuals … Continue reading
EDITORIAL: province taking us for an elephant ride - Is any government every honest? Tackle the expensive elephant in the room: nuclear Tackle the expensive elephant in the room: nuclear The Premier must say no to the nuclear lobby. No nuclear project has delivered on time or … Continue reading
SCAMS and THEFTS ALERT: “Can you hear me?” phone scam with more detail now - This phone scam has been posted here before, but now it seems to have developed into a renewed threat. You should read what the article written by Wallis Snowdon, CBC Edmonton From encrypted passwords to padlocked doors, Canadians will go … Continue reading
ERMA's desk...: Memories of spring - Spring, the season we all await so eagerly as we are tired of winter's figidity and grey. Listen now, late each morning, the birds are returning and the warmth is upon us again.... Erma captures spring's spirit poetically.... … Continue reading
MISC: Patrick Brown invited to Better Living Discussion meeting Mar 19th - Kathleen Wynne likely could never find the time to meet with the Better Living "Issues in the media" discussions group but Patrick Brown might. Invitation sent Mar. 19th: No reply to date, not even an acknowledgement of receipt … Continue reading
EDITORIAL: Ontario hydro uses ALTERNATIVE FACTS - You may be being sold a "bill of goods" when you are given information about HYDRO and HYDRO RATES from anyone in public office in Ontario. Take a look at the "alternative facts" which you are being told … Continue reading
RAVES & RANTS: Local politicians favouring PICKERING NUKE PLANT license renewal - Want to know which politicians who may be thinking your health, your safety is not as high a priority as it should be? Take a look. . . . Mayor Dave Ryan Mayor Ryan may be doing a … Continue reading
RAVES & RANTS: Learning more about fellow Canadians - It's always great to learn more about fellow Canadians. The discussion group from the Better Living Centre was visited by a local cleric who presented the group members with the opportunity of learning a lot and clarify some misconceptions Canadian … Continue reading
BOOKS: BEING MUSLIM - As Canadians living in a land of freedom and equality, it is important each of us learn about fellow Canadians when the opportunity presents itself. I am currently learning about Muslims and Islam. Would you like to know why? … Continue reading