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DISCUSSIONS: 1-(June 30) Ready for PRM time? PC leader poor on policy, on campaign strategy? - No doubt you have seen his TWO, same two, campaign ads on TV. The same ads run over and over. What in the world is this man's campaign strategist thinking? The electorate is a point. Brow beat … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 6-(June 23) Again, and again, and again…indigenous exploitation? - Ottawa gives indigenous old US embassy as their new indigenous centre. Again, indigenous people get unfair treatment. If they were white people with political clout, would they have been offered this second rate property?   Maybe Ottawa should … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 5-(June 23) Demand for fingerprinting of Montreal priests who work with kids - Given the past history of child abuse in residential schools, it is hard not to agree with the policy extension being carried out by the Catholic Church in Quebec. However, is it an infringement of personal rights?   … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 4-(June 23) Mississauga woman cause of racial incident in medical clinic - Some people still have not recognized it is 2017. We are a society which should be colour blind, race blind, culture blind, accepting ever colour, creed and person as human. Simple, straightfoward HUMAN. But, somehow we still get news … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 3-(June 23) New federal gender-based violence study destined to fail ? - Status of Women Minister, Maryam Monsef, has a track record of not rising to the responsibility. She has been given the responsibility of a new study on gender-based violence but can she live up to the task? Minister … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 2-(June 23) Caloric content displays are worthwhile in fighting obesity? - Weapon of mass construction? Fast food may be getting us there much faster but it isn't the destination we want to get too. To help consumers make more nutritionally appropriate choices, restaurants have been mandated to display calorie counts … Read More
DISCUSSIONS: 1-(June 23) Rejected by analysis reports, two GO stations receive approval - Shakespeare wrote that something smelled in the state of Denmark. Is there an odiferous drift wafting up from Queen's Park right now? What's your view?   Two GO stations were approved despite non-approval rating in internal analytical reports. Metrolinx … Read More
EVENTS & NEWS: Print media in more and more trouble - The demise of print media takes another hit. We use print sources regularly and the impact on our budget increases significantly and relentlessly. The National Post notified subscribers of another nail in the print media coffin... The National … Read More
NEWS: Andrea, where are you? - Horwath's lookin' good but where is she? We were hard pressed to find something in the news from the Ontario NDP. A search resulted in old news about Howarth's new pharma policies. But as for something current...   … Read More
NEWS: Wynne some, lose some….Come again ! Ontario government loans to gamblers - Peanuts ! Peanuts!Wynne's always ready to lend a helping hand but this may border on the ridiculous. Oh well, it's only $10 million...     Explain this to me again, please. I just read that the Ontario government has … Read More
NEWS: Less shakin’ goin’ on at the Royal York - We'll need to find a new bar for our next tipple. Our favourite Polish bartender has decided to sip in her chaise on her patio in retirement. Alina will be no more. This could drive one to drink! … Read More
TECH TIPS: DEFEND AGAINST KEYSTROKE HACKING - Password protection tip: key strokes can be monitored by someone hacking into your computer. You should install protective software to protect your computer from hackers. However, an additional security step against keystroke tracking hackers is to NOT USE YOUR … Read More