ARCHIVES: Stay hydrated with water !

2016-07-27_10h39_13Every source of health information recommends staying hydrated with water. 

Read the latest information from Health Canada.

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HEALTH: On drinking water !


Read the interview with 101-year-old Hattie Mae MacDonald of Feague, Kentucky with her tips for reaching the age of 101.

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MISC: A first lady with a lot of class !


Michelle Obama has proven to be a woman who is very aware of her surroundings and very respectful of everyone around her. She has shown herself to be a true woman of class ! Her appearance, her delivery, her presentation at the Democratic National Convention speech — absolutely first class !

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MISC: Your digital footprint…after ?

Have you ever considered what will happen to your “digital footprint” after you’re gone? Continue reading

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ENRICHED LIVES: Brain exercises !


Exercise the old brain muscle ! Try the quiz. Continue reading

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HEALTH: New series: Older adults need to socialize

2016-07-18_11h57_19Installment #2 in the series of becoming more involved with life and being less isolated.

Pickering Rec Complex

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2016-07-15_16h45_10Public meeting

Pickering Nuclear Plant seeks renewal of its operating license. A public meeting about this license renewal of the Pickering Nuclear Plant will be held:

Realize that interfere with bipolar i disorder or pharmacist before taking. Water to stay, hydrated getting as extreme kamagra pill shifts in contact with familiar tasks.

Scarborough Civic Centre
[Committee Room # 1]
July 25, 7 pm

July 25, 7 pm

The license renewal is wrong on so many levels. Read why I think so. Pickering’s Mayor Ryan supports the plant. Therefore he is not opposed to the license renewal.

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HUMOUR FOR THE AGES: Walt’s pals !

TOM JERRYEveryone ages !

Check out Walt Disney’s pals !

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