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MISC: Cuba: considering it for a vacation? - Cuba has been my favourite Caribbean vacation destination for nearly 10 years now. This trip I asked myself some hard questions about vacationing there, given that it is a Communist country. My considerations have varied facets. Read what … Continue reading
EDITORIAL: They’re lying to you again! - Ontario Power Generation seeks to have the Pickering Power Plant license renewed in 2018. So it is resorting to lying to convince the public of the merits of this renewal. Their assault on the public is in the form … Continue reading
FERMO's Desk: Fermo’s always ready for a smile ! -   Fermo always enjoys a smile...from anyone and everyone. Here are a few of his selected ones.
HEALTH: Ontario govt’s “Patients First Action Plan for Health Care” - The "Patients First" Act is the Ontario Ministry's strategic plan to improve health care in Ontario. Connect to the details in the links provided: This plan focuses on four key objectives:   Learn more about your health care … Continue reading
DISCUSSIONS: 4 – (Apr 28) Liberal govt proposing basic income plan -  The Liberal govt of Ontario is proposing a basic income plan. Wow, another promise from Queen's Park. You might think an election campaign is on with all the promises and new policies that are going on. Is it simply … Continue reading
FERMO's Desk: I’m outright embarrassed - They did it. They've gone and embarrassed me now! That's a spring cut...darn more like a summer scalping! I've been ravaged. Help! Help! Help! They did me in! Just look at me. I didn't get groomed. I got … Continue reading
trump hair DISCUSSIONS: 5 – (Apr 28) Trumpism…the political plague spreads - Oh, how cataclysmic the times in which we live. We would be laughing at all this if we were not living in the situation itself. The political world's upheaval and revolution are downright frightening because all of us … Continue reading
RAVES & RANTS: Ontario NDP Drug Plan fails to make the news - The provincial NDP released a new plan to give Ontarians universal drug care. Their announcement failed to hit the news. Why has the media ignored such an important policy announcement on the day party leader Andrea Horwath introduces … Continue reading
RAVES & RANTS: PC Leader Patrick Brown unreachable….What would you do? - What would you do?    Day 42 and counting About 6 weeks ago I tried contacting Patrick Brown of the Ontario Conservative Party via email and via Queen's Park legislature office phone...both attempts have failed. The details of … Continue reading
DISCUSSIONS: 6 – (Apr 28) Ontario guilty of human rights violations - Solitary confinement of incarcerated persons is a violation of human rights according to the Geneva Conventions. Adam Capay has been held in solitary confinement in a Thunder Bay jail for 1591 days. That's more than four years. Something is … Continue reading
DISCUSSIONS: 3 – (Apr 28) Marijuana purveyors permitted to advertise - Sale of marijuana will be legal in Canada within months. Will marijuana unleash more problems than we expect? Will crime rates be affected by its legalisation? What sort of regulations must be put in place before pot is … Continue reading
DISCUSSIONS: 2 – (Apr 28) Don’t count Wynne out just yet - There's rumbling behind closed doors about Kathleen Wynne as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. Don't kid yourself, this is one sly fox ! Wynne opponents have been lining up their political missiles: hydro rates, insurance costs, kiboshing Toronto's … Continue reading