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“Cooks, Books, and Nooks” launched in 2011, is dedicated to assisting, informing and advising older adults about a wide variety of issues relating to seniors. The site encourages them to explore and use the Internet as well as other sources to enhance and enrich their lives with more information and current news.

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HUMOUR FOR ALL AGES: RISKY BUSINESS – VANS with SLIDING DOORS - Life is better when you are laughing.   Advertising a business on the side of a van might be a great for business but there are risks when the doors … Continue reading
NEWS TECH: Surveillance technology taken to new mites ! - You won't believe the way you can be watched today... It ain't a mosquito but it can be watching you. Or worse, it can do even more worrisome things: inject … Continue reading
SCAMS and THEFTS ALERT: THIEVES ARE NOT STUPID - Thieves are getting bolder all the time... Be more aware... LONG - TERM PARKING Some people left their car in the long-term parking at San Jose airport while away, and … Continue reading
HUMOUR FOR ALL AGES: we wil spek engls reil gut -  Learning English can be easy...   Official language The European Commission has just announced that English will be the official language of the European Union. German, which was the other … Continue reading
HUMOUR FOR ALL AGES: A post that will make you laugh hilariously! - Ray Jessel will 'bust your gut" with laughter... Need a good laugh today? Check out this guy: RAY JESSEL, 84 yrs old
TV: The GOODFIGHT -  The GOODFIGHT, prime time TV soap really worth watching...     A spinoff of the series, the GoodWife, this new tv soap for adults may have a competitive edge in the ratings because … Continue reading
EDITORIAL: 14 candidates for leadershop of Conservatives -  14 candidates for leadership of Conservative Party... Understanding the mentality of political leaders is much like trying to predict the future by reading tea leaves. Accuracy is impossible. First, Alex … Continue reading
RANTS: Blood in the Water - There's blood in the water... The following is an excerpt from a column by Daniel Henninger in the Wall Street Journal A president's blood is in the water and another … Continue reading
HEALTH: HOW TO AVOID THE FLU - A few precautions to take to avoid the flu for the rest of the winter...   Source: BetterLiving
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