DISCUSSIONS: 1-(June 23) Rejected by analysis reports, two GO stations receive approval

Shakespeare wrote that something smelled in the state of Denmark. Is there an odiferous drift wafting up from Queen’s Park right now?

What’s your view?


Two GO stations were approved despite non-approval rating in internal analytical reports.

Metrolinx approved two new GO stations, one in the provincial transportation minister’s riding and the other as championed by Toronto’s mayor.

The Kirby station received poor marks in its analysis as a potential GO station. Ditto for Lawrence East. The two stations got approval for being built which five other stations were rejected. The cost of the Kirby stop will be more than $125 mill; the Lawrence East, near to $50 mill.

The Kirby station is in Steven Del Duca’s riding, the transport minister in the provincial government.

The other station, Lawrence East, is part of  John Tory’s dream, SmartTrack.

Does this feel right to you?


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