BOOKS: …I read lots


I read a lot, every night if TV offers nothing of interest, and always before going to sleep. On holidays, I can lie on a chaise in the shade and read almost all day long. The only thing that moves me is thirst or the dinner bell. Otherwise, I would be quite content to just keep on reading.

Because I am guilt driven, a blog topic for another day, I usually begin my day with a power walk and then after breakfasting, I will head poolside for my lounge and my day of reading. Some people think a holiday is for sightseeing and running around the locale seeing everything there is to see. I am quite satisfied after seeing the basics at the outset, to never see any of it again.

Now, this area of my blog will be about books in every shape and form. I will write my reviews, critiques and comments about my recent reads. But as I like to hear what other people read and what they think about their reads, I invite comments and opinions.

Mark your page in your read and please visit here again….

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