Password protection tip: key strokes can be monitored by someone hacking into your computer. You should install protective software to protect your computer from hackers.

However, an additional security step against keystroke tracking hackers is to NOT USE YOUR KEYBOARD at all.


Protect yourself by taking one little extra step before entering your password into a site. Use the Windows 10 virtual (on screen) keyboard instead of your regular keyboard.

Keystroke tracking hackers can monitor your keystrokes and discover your passwords from the keystrokes you use on your regular keyboard. Take an additional precaution and switch to using the on screen keyboard available to Windows 10 users. Keystrokes on this keyboard cannot be tracked as those entered on a regular keyboard can be.

How to access the virtual keyboard in Windows 10
Open the on screen keyboard on Windows 10 operating systems in two steps:

  1. Ctrl + R key
  2. Type “osk” and press enter

Place your cursor in the screen position where you need to type the password. Type the required keystrokes using your mouse on the virtual keyboard.
[ For an upper case letter, click on the ‘shift’ key and it will activate the upper case keystrokes mode. The keyboard will display upper case mode after the shift key has been clicked. ]

When you no longer need the virtual keyboard, exit it by clicking on the little ‘X’ at the far upper right of the keyboard display.

A little extra work, but a lot safer password entering.

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