I have been a teacher of young and old, kids, adults and seniors too. I have taught classics and technology, religion and history, computers and literature. I am beginning to forget all that I have done.

I have also worked in many areas as a professional from teacher, to marketing executive, to journalist, to reporter and photographer. I have even worked in television production.

Therefore, I believe I have a discerning and analytical eye capable of dissecting or deboning almost from earthworm to Rhode Island hen.

My reviews cover three areas ranked by which ones I do most often. Click on the topic to access that section of the website:



MOVIES: ARRIVAL - PG-13,1 hr. 56 min. Drama, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy Directed By: Denis Villeneuve Synopsis Amy Adams plays Dr. Louise Banks, a world-renowned linguist who, when we meet her, is teaching at a university and mourning the death of her child . One day, twelve massive floating orbs appear suddenly in locations all… Read More
DALLAS BUYERS CLUB - A review by Richard Szpin MOVIES: DALLAS BUYERS CLUB…many thumbs up !!! - Matthew McConaughey is developing himself into becoming the consumate actor. He may have launched this career development with DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. Undoubted, cinema buffs will agree, his role in this move was performed outstandingly. He portrays real life rodeo celebrity, Ron Woodroof, a man who many viewers would feel lacked scruples, morals and integrity. McConaughey… Read More
MOVIES: AMERICAN HUSTLE -     AMERICAN HUSTLE Cast: Irv – Christian Bale Richard – Bradley Cooper Syd/Edith- Amy Adams Carmine Polito- Jeremy Renner Rosalyn – Jennifer Lawrence This is not a comedy, rather it is a drama about a life-long hustler who is about to engage in the biggest con of his entire life. The acting – super,… Read More
Enemy movie poster MOVIES: ENEMY - The story is about a history professor living in Toronto, Canada, who discovers he has a duplicate of himself living in the city, a doppelganger. The film opens with a strange sequence of nude women dancing around a table with a silver buffet server in the center. When the lid is lifted, out comes a… Read More
MOVIES: GRAN TORINO - I have always been a fan of Clint Eastwood. Though he is more than just an actor, one should not label him solely as such, nor try to peg him as that is what he does best. He has been a producer, actor, composer and director over the past number of years and seems to… Read More
MOVIES: Top 25 movies of 2016 -   Top 25 movies of 2016 25. The Tennessee Kids 24. Kill Zone 2 23. Ouija: Origin of Evil 22. Kaili Blues 21. Don’t Breathe 20. The Handmaiden 19. Louder Than Bombs 18. The Invitation 17. Hush 16. The Nice Guys 15. Chevalier 14. Embrace of the Serpent 13. Manchester by the Sea 12. Paterson 11.… Read More
TV: Reality is crazier than political satire - VEEP is a HBO comedy series spoofing American politics. Truth be told, I have only watched part of one episode. The growing popularity of the show is making me do a rethink about watching again, but in full.… Read More
TV: DESIGNATED SURVIVOR -  Ever heard the expression “Art imitating reality?” It has come to TV with the very entertaining series, Designated Survivor. If you have not begun watching this series, you should consider starting. Usually, it is shown on Wednesday evenings at 10pm but double check your local listings.… Read More
TV: BLUEBLOODS - Bluebloods is a crime, police drama set in New York City, a city which has an infinite number of stories for every kind of TV show going. This crime drama deserves its high praise and great popularity. Every episode is based on a three mini stories and each story highlights one of the three generation cops… Read More
TV: MOTIVE - MOTIVE Motive is another show which relies on the snappy short duration of scenes. It is a police based series where our chief protagonist, a near doppelganger of Sharon Stone, plays the role of a very skeptical detective whose skepticism always wins the day. Again, reliance on digital device rapidity and duration are the rule… Read More
TV: The CATCH - The CATCH Mirielle Enos plays the lead as the head of a very successful private detective agency which seems to specialize in extremely challenging cases. To launch the series, the best detective in the agency, Enos, is taken in by a con which costs her agency millions of dollars and breaks her own heart either… Read More
TV: The GOOD WIFE - GOOD WIFE A legal drama about a lawyer who is struggling with issues of an unfaithful husband, temptations of the bottle and political power struggles at the office. Led by the very capable Julianna Margulies, each episode develops intrigue, excitement and dynamics worthy of any daytime soap opera of the past. Sadly this is another show… Read More