DISCUSSIONS: Group hits the target in discussion topic about Emerson, MB

Tootin’ one’s own horn may not be very modest, but it sure feels good when one hits the target…and we hit a BULLS EYE !

In last week’s discussions, Topic #4 dealt with the asylum seekers, especially the ones crossing into Manitoba. We discussed how Emerson was too small of a town to be able to handle the influx of refugees seeking asylum in Canada and now Ralph Goodale, Publice Safety Minister has ponied up with money for Emerson.

Our discussions covered that need along with the need for man power assistance as Emerson has very limited resources. After all, it is a town of only 700 people.

Nice to see they are getting the help they need to deal with this crushing problem.

The asylum seekers have been using an exception in the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement, which allows refugee claims from people who’ve entered the country somewhere other than an official port of entry. Under the agreement, refugee claimants are required to request refugee protection in the first safe country they arrive in — meaning would-be claimants arriving at an official border crossing from the U.S. would be turned back. To avoid being returned to the US where they fear being deported to their countries of origin, the border crossing people cross at unmanned/unguarded border regions and they claim asylum seeking status once in Canada.

It should be noted that Goodale had promised that this issue would be tabled at discussion meetings which were scheduled with the US for this week. Given the news and political turmoil in the US currently with Russian interference in American politics, Trump’s claims ahout having his phone tapped and accusations of Obama being involved in phone tapping at the Trump Towers, Emerson and Goodale may be shifted to the back burner for the moment.

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